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Ritual Anointing Oils


In most traditions of candle burning it is considered important to consecrate and bless one's candles before using them for Magick. This may be done by pouring a little bit of oil onto the palm or fingertips. then applying the oil to the candle by starting from the center and rubbing upwards around the tip in smooth, even strokes then returning to the center and applying oil in the same smooth strokes downward toward the candle's lower end.  Magickal oils may also be used to anoint objects and ritual tools.

Souls Journey Magickal Oils     -      Sacred Spirit Herbal Oils

Here are  suggestions for basic uses of these oils:  Use your knowledge of planetary correspondences, color magick, psychic intuition, and other sources of information to help you make full use of these fine potent oils. High quality ingredients have been used to formulate these oils and every possible effort has been made to insure that they are safe to use. They are designated as ritual anointing oils for candles and the consecration of objects. Common sense will dictate how to safely, and with optimum benefit, use these oils. 

2 dram vials $ 11.00 each  or * $22.00 each

2 dram vials $11.00 or *22.00

*Abra-Melin Oil : Used in the invocation of one's Holy Guardian Angel and for Thelemic and angelic magicks. Many practitioners prefer to wear this pungent oil on the skin during ritual.  Common sense will dictate how to safely, and with optimum benefit, use this as a wearable oil.  Camphor: Use to draw down the Moon.

Banishing Oil : Use this oil to neutralize and eliminate unwanted and/or harmful influences.  Anoint and burn white candles for clearing a space and protection.

Cedar: Use to invoke the planetary energies of Jupiter for great good fortune, good luck and success.
Cleopatra Oil: Use this oil to attract and stimulate a lover's passion and pleasure. Cinnamon: A Solar oil that can be used to draw money.
Healing Oil : This oil is used to promote good physical health and to accelerate the healing process.  For genera; purposes anoint white candles for  self-healing or to send healing energy to others who need it. Clove: Use to bring wealth, career advancement.
*Holy Protection Oil : This specially blended oil was formulated from an old Celtic family recipe.  Anoint and burn white candles for protection from all harm and for generally improving spiritual vibrations. Copal: currently unavailable
Jupiter Oil : This planetary oil is used for drawing success, good fortune, and good luck.  Anoint and burn royal blue candles on a Thursday while the Moon is waxing (between the new and full Moon) to bring beneficial energies into your life. Eucalyptus: Use for healing spells.
Money in Abundance Oil : This is a money and wealth  drawing oil, used to increase one's financial resources.  Anoint and burn emerald green candles for money spells.  Anoint and burn gold candles to attract riches and to win. *Frankincense: Use to draw Solar influences and as a holy anointing oil for objects and candles.
Moon Goddess Oil : This is an excellent oil for drawing the presence of the Triple Goddess.  Anoint and burn white, silver or light purple candles for new and full Moon rituals, to invoke the Goddess in time of need and to enhance your psychic talents. *Jasmine: Use for dream magicks.
Power Oil : Use this oil to add power to any spell. Anoint and burn purple candles and to empower yourself spiritually. Lavender: An all purpose oil for well-being and also to draw the planetary influences of Mercury.
Ra Oil: Use this oil to call upon the powers of the Sun for rulership, winning, physical vitality and strength and in Egyptian magicks. Anoint yellow or gold candles. Lotus: currently unavailable
*Satyr Oil : Dedicated to the Horned God, this dynamic attraction oil can be used by men to attract and excite a lover.  Anoint and burn red candles for love and pleasure. Many users prefer to wear this pungent oil on the skin.  Common sense will dictate how to safely, and with optimum benefit, use this as a wearable oil.  Myrrh: Use for protection and purification.

Venus Oil : Named after the Goddess of Love, this oil can be used by women to attract a lover, and also by both sexes as a planetary oil for Venusian magicks. Anoint and burn red candles for love and passion.  Anoint and burn pink or green candles for friendship and popularity.

*Patchouli: Use in prosperity spells and for Earth          magicks. Many users prefer to wear this pungent oil on the skin.  Common sense will dictate how to safely, and with optimum benefit, use this as a wearable oil. 

Rose Garden: Use to invoke the Goddess of Love. 

Rosemary: Use for Woman's power and to remember.

*Sage: Use for purification

*Wormwood: Use for divination.

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