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"Traditional Magicks for the New Aeon"

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Talisman Lights™ Altar Candles 

Candles bring added focus and energy to all your spells and magickal workings. Once lit, they may be used to summon spirit helpers from the Inner Planes and set your will in motion to manifest your wishes.

Talisman Lights™ Palm Wax Spell Pillars

These fragrant and colorful handcrafted 1.5” X 6” pillar candles are infused with oils and are ideal for ritual use and great for gift giving. Available in several intentional styles:

 Om Sweet Home, Power, Healing, Banishing, All Purpose Good Luck, Prosperity and Come to Me,  Holy Guardian Angel - Each palm wax candle is especially environmentally friendly and burns cleanly with little drip.  Candles come shrink wrapped with a colorful and instructive label.  
S11.00 each 

Talisman Lightsä Palm Wax

 Amulet Candles

   These fragrant and colorful handcrafted 1.5” X 6” pillar candles are infused with oils and are ideal for ritual use and great for gift giving. Available in 18 styles, each palm wax candle is especially environmentally friendly and burns cleanly with little drip.  These candles come shrink wrapped with an eye-catching instruction label and hand painted fired clay amulet pendant on a hemp cord that serves as an object link between you and your spell. These candles are also perfect for doing a spell for a friend in need. Just burn it with intention and give your friend the amulet. Each original amulet pendant is an individually hand fashioned work of magickal art created by Cypress Moon. You will love them!


 $19.95 each

Anubis: Guardian of the Mysteries.  Burn this candle for protection and guidance, to find lost objects and answers to difficult questions. Pentacle: Five pointed star representing Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit, good over evil, rulership of Higher Mind over the lower elements of human nature. Burn this candle for protection and power.
Baphomet: Guardian of the Key to the Temple. Torch of Astral Light and Worker of seemingly Miracles. Burn this candle to empower your highest magickal works. Raven: Companion of the Dark Goddess.  Burn this candle for Cunning, Deep Wisdom and to discover hidden treasures.
Bast: Sacred Egyptian Cat Goddess, Protectress of home and family, burn this candle for emotional healing and sensuality. Spiral Goddess: Let the radiance of love and renewal from the Mother Goddess spiral out to all. Burn this candle for the blessings of the Great Mother.
Diana: Triple Goddess, Mother of All. Burn this candle to invoke her mighty name when the Moon is full in times of great need for love, romance, to gain magickal powers and the granting of your most important wishes. Star of Babalon: Star of the 7 Planetary Rays, 7 Chakras, Great Star Goddess who is the Mistress of all Mysteries. Burn this candle to find the Babalon within you and harness Her power for all your spells of love, passion, sexuality, earthly power and pleasure of the senses.
Dragon: Symbol of transformation, success and good fortune, call upon the powers of the dragon for strength, magick and the accomplishment of your Will.

Greenman: Burn for the wild fertile energy of the Foliate God of Spring. Invoke the powers of fertility for birth, rebirth, creativity and inspiration.

Sun: Burn this candle for physical strength and vitality, the power to win, rulership and to discover your True Will and attain your life goals.
Hecate: Three fold Goddess of awesome power, light bringer, birth giver, Protectress of all true Witches. Burn this candle to learn Her mysteries. Thors Hammer: Emblem of good fortune and  protection. Burn this candle invoke the forces or cosmic justice, courage and strength to come to your assistance.
Horus: Crowned and Conquering Lord of the Universe, Spirit of Life, Light, Love and Liberty. Burn this candle to master all life challenges. Triskellion: “The Spiral of Life”, ancient symbol representing the Celtic cosmology of land, sea and sky. Burn this candle for wisdom of the Ancestors.
Isis: Great Star Goddess, Mother of the Gods, mortals and all living things. Burn this candle for protection, blessings, and all good things. Utchat: The “Eye of Horus” is a powerful Egyptian talisman. Burn this candle for protection against harm of any kind.
Pan: Goat-horned, goat-legged Great God of Magick, lust, life’s pleasures, and the wild forces of Nature & all things Pagan. Burn this candle to free yourself of fear, guilt or shame and to honor the Horned God of the Witches.

Waxing Moon: Burn this candle to begin new projects, initiate creative ideas, and work towards success.     

 Pentacle Pillars

    These artfully crafted  multi-purpose Pentacle candles come in 9", 6" and 3" sizes. Suitable for ritual use, they are available in 12 intentional colors with raised Pentacles detailed in gold. Try  plain or our especially beautiful glitter-covered sparkle style.

9" x 1 1/4" @ $14.00    6" x 1 1/4" @ $11.00    3 "x 2"  @ $11.00    

Black: Banishing, light coming out of darkness  Brown: Attracting Earth spirits and for grounding  Green: Money drawing and prosperity  Lavender: Psychic sensitivity and spiritual healing  Light Blue: Peace of mind, tranquility   Orange: Fun, vitality, creativity  Pink: Love and friendship  Red: Passion, courage, ambition Royal Blue: Joy, wealth and good luck  White: Purification, spirituality and protection   Yellow: Mental clarity and solar power

7 Knob Candles

These carefully handcrafted 11" hand painted candles are infused with intentional oils and may be used in spells for Love, Protection, Prosperity & Peace

 $13.00 each

Pyramid Spell Candles

 Good Luck and Money drawing Pyramid candles are formulated with intentional oils and inscribed with symbols.


 $13.00 each  

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