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"Traditional Magicks for the New Aeon"

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Spellware Collection™ of Ritual Art and Artifacts

From Cypress Moon

Made exclusively for White Light Pentacles/Sacred Spirit Products

Ritual Chalices are available in the following styles:

Silver Gemstone Pentacle on Gloss Black:  With Garnet, Onyx, Hematite $64.00

Gold Gemstone Pentacle on Gloss Black: With Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Goldstone  $64.00

Silver GemstoneTriskellion with Knotwork Braid on gloss black: With Garnet $70.00

Gold GemstoneTriskellion with Knotwork Braid on gloss black: With Tiger Eye $70.00

Winged Dragon on gloss black: Copper/Gold/Silver $78.00 , Stone Gray $70.00, Purple/Gold/Green $78.00

Eye of Horus on gloss black: Gold Egyptian Eye in the Triangle with onyx $64.00

Angelic Planetary Chalices: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn (shown):  Seven Planetary colors with flashing details including sigils, names, symbols $72.00

Knotwork Pentacle on gloss black: Antique Silver, Antique Gold, Multi (shown) $64.00

Spiral Goddess on gloss black with red & silver details: $70.00

Greenman on green with gold details $70.00

Futhark Rune Wheel on gloss black /wood $70.00

Star of Babalon : gold on gloss black or silver on gloss black $70.00     gold & silver with gold central sun on gloss black $76.00

Chalice Well on gloss black: antique gold or silver detailing on wood $70.00


Altar Cauldrons are available in the following styles:

Gemstone Pentacle: Silver on matte black with Garnet, Onyx, Hematite, Rose Quartz, Obsidian $26.00   with Moonstone $30.00   Purple on matte black with Amethyst $30.00 Gold on matte black with Tiger Eye or Carnelian $26.00 Green on matte black with Aventurine $26.00       Gold on matte blue with Lapis Lazuli $26.00  

Sparkle Gemstone Pentacle on Pink with Rose Quartz, Black with Hematite, Garnet or Onyx ,Orange with Onyx $28.00 Green with Malachite, Blue with Lapis Lazuli,  White with Moonstone $32.00

Triskellion with gold or silver details $22.00

Triskellion / Knotwork Braid with gold or silver details $24.00 (with tiger eye or garnet  $28.00)

Wolf Moon $31.00

Greenman $28.00

Openwork TG Pentacle $28.00

Eye of Horus $28.00

Spiral Goddess $28.00

"Witches Blessings"™ $26.00 Matte black with gold, copper or silver  words and phrases:  "Goddess", "Witch Power", "Goddess Bless", "Magick", "Alchemy", "Charmed", "Salem Witch", "Blessed Be", "So Mote It Be"," Protection Spell", "Enchantments" , "Love Spell", "Money Spell" , "Love is the Law", *Your store name or favorite phrase... minimum order 6.

Corked Treasure Jars  4" Available in the following styles:


Triskellion style on matte black with antique gold, silver or copper detailing

Gemstone Pentacle silver on matte black with garnet or gold with tiger eye

Gold Dragon on matte black

Spiral Goddess on matte black

Greenman on matte green with gold detailing

"Witches Blessings"™  on matte black with gold, copper, or silver words and phrases ( see above - same as cauldrons where space permits )




Scrying Mirrors are available in the following styles:

Otherworld Portal Mirror Antique Copper, Gold, Silver or Weathered Stone finish - Framed Mirrors with black glass empowered with clairvoyance herbs $44.00 (Also available in regular mirrored glass - stone gray, high silver, stone green)

Pan Mirror  Antique Gold finish - black mirror empowered with clairvoyance herbs $72.00

Lady of the Stars Mirror  Antique Silver finish - black mirror empowered with clairvoyance herbs, four gemstones set in frame $80.00

10" Ritual Urns Available in the following styles:

Baphomet Urn Gold on matte black   $93.00

Winged Dragon Urn with triple metallic  gold, silver, copper details $93.00

Crones's Wisdom Urn Earthen Blue, Earthen Brown $93.00

6" Baphomet Statue* Stone Gray, Metallic Gold, or Individually colored $66.60

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Large and Small Painted Wooden Spoons for enchanting your Herbal Philtres  $17.00, 12.00

Triskellion , Spiral, and Pentacle Altar Pedestals $26.00

 Large, Medium, and Small Pentacle disks $18.00, $13.00, $7.00

 Pentacle or Triskellion candle holders $31.00  pair

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