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Graven Images™

Sacred Image Plaques for Home and Temple

These hydrostone plaques are all hand cast by Cypress Moon and details are individually hand painted by artist, Linda Raymond.  Each one is a work of magickal art and not a mass produced resin reproduction imported from the orient.

Winged Disc Plaque ( Behutet )

( 20.5" x 4" )  Shown in red/gold  also available with blue/gold @ $60.00  

This is the Thelemic Solar Disc as it appears on the frontispiece of each volume of Aleister Crowley's The Equinox.  This plaque is a suitable adornment for the threshold of your home, place of business or a ceremonial temple of the Mysteries as a powerful emblem of the 93 current.

Baphomet Plaque @ $66.60

( 12" x 8")  Antique Black/Silver/Purple 

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Goddess Pentacle Plaque @ $60.00

 (9.5" diameter) Shown in weathered stone finish - also available silver/blue & silver/gold  

Ashtart, Astarte the Canaanite Goddess of love and lust is Great Babalon Herself, patroness and most beloved diety of those who frequented the ancient pleasure palaces and temples dedicated to the Goddess.  It is She, who is the Scarlet Harlot, the Sacred Chalice in which the blood of the Saints is mixed.


  Goat Plaque with Inverted Pentacle @ $32.00

( 7" x 5.5" ) Antique Gold  ( or silver not shown)

There has been far too much fear and disordered imaginings about the use of the inverted pentagram in magick.  This  is not a malefic or baneful symbol, rather it represents the animal nature of humanity and its need to be mastered.  It has long been used as a sacred symbol in the Craft of the Wise.  The goat's head that surmounts the pentagram in this piece alludes to the mysteries of Pan and the "Watchers" who once walked with, instructed and guided humanity and taught the arts of civilization to our spiritual ancestors in Atlantis and Lemuria.  This friendly goat is a guardian of the practice of magick, reminding us that we are spirits clothed in flesh and that for humans Spirit operates in unity with matter.  


Hecate Triformus Plaque  @ $60.00

(8" x 11") Shown in weathered Stone/Silver/Gold  

also  available in Antique Black/Silver/Purple 


The Goddess Hecate is an ancient and most complex  deity who appears in the myths and religions of many cultures. Her portrayal here as a three fold  figure of awesome power shows her carrying two torches in her role as a "light bringer", "birth giver" and "motherly protectress", while also carrying daggers and flails in her chthonic persona as the  "fearsome and dangerous crone ".   Many practitioners consider her to be Maiden, Mother and Crone - The Triple Goddess.  The Goddess Hecate is the Patroness and Protectress of All Witches and workers of magick. 


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Spiral Goddess Plaque @ $24.00

(4.5 " x 4.75") Red/Gold/Silver and Black/Silver/Red ( also blues & purples not shown )  

This intricate celtic knotwork  representation of the Great Mother features a traditional Goddess figure with upraised arms and the spiral of wisdom in her belly. 


Spiral Goddess Chalice @ $70.00


Chalice Well Plaque @ $32.00

Many have visited the Chalice Well, located in Glastonbury, England, seeking  healing, new visions and renewal.  It is said ancient priestesses of the Goddess used to scry in the waters of this holy well to divine the future. Enthusiasts of Arthurian legend will recognize its famous cover featuring the vesica pisces*

(8" x 7") Shown in antique silver and antique gold on wood/weathered stone


  *The vesica is a vulva-shaped space created by the intersection of two identical circles (the circumference of one intersecting the center of the other) and is  associated with the divine feminine, being a vessel which contains the generative force. It also may represent the coming together or union of two opposites, such as spirit and matter or heaven and earth.

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